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Canada Spouse Visa: How to Apply for a Canadian Spouse Visa

Canada is considered to be one of the best countries in the world to come and settle with your family members. It could very well give you an opportunity to experience numerous benefits as well. In fact, Canada has been identified as one of the greatest countries in the world for raising a family

In the event that you have obtained permanent residence in Canada, the next thing you need to do is to learn how to obtain a spouse visa in Canada. This is not difficult to achieve. All you have to do is go through a standard process. If you follow this process correctly, then you will be able to get the results you have always expected.

What is a spouse visa in Canada?

The Canada Spouse Visa provides an opportunity for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor eligible family members. In other words, you will be able to invite your spouse, grandparents, parents or dependent children to come and settle in Canada. They will also be able to become permanent residents of Canada through this program. We can see how thousands of people come to Canada through the spousal sponsorship visa program. So let’s take a look at the path you need to take in order to sponsor your spouse and proceed with the permanent residence application process in Canada.

The spousal sponsorship program that you can find in Canada can be considered a sub-category of the family sponsorship programme. It provides an opportunity for all permanent residents of Canada as well as citizens of Canada to sponsor a common-law partner or spouse to become a permanent resident of Canada.

All sponsorships you take for a spouse visa must be authorized by Canada’s IRCC. Then you can be sure that the spouse will be able to go through a hassle-free visa process when coming to Canada.

Who can sponsor a spouse in Canada

Not all people are given the privilege of moving forward and caring for their spouse in Canada. Only some people have the opportunity to do so. Here is then a quick overview of these people.

Common-law partner


Conjugal partner

In the event that you are one of these special people, then you will be able to go to the next step and sponsor your spouse to come to Canada under the immigration program.

Canada PR sponsorship types 

There are a few different types of care that you should be aware of as well. Let’s take a quick look at these types of care as well. You will then be able to choose the most appropriate type of sponsorship from them and proceed with the rest of the application process.

Inland sponsorship 

In-house sponsorship will come into play when both partners are residents within Canada. Then they will be able to proceed with the application and obtain permission to live

within the country as permanent residents. The spouse will be able to enter Canada with another type of visa. And it can be a student visa or a visitor visa. In this type of situation,

the person who is sponsoring the spousal will be able to go ahead and apply for a work permit within Canada as well. In the case of another person, he will be able to work for a company based in Canada. And this is not possible with a visitor visa.

Outland sponsorship 

Outland sponsorship can be seen as quite the opposite of the case of the inland sponsorship situation. This is where you

 sponsor your spouse outside of Canada. External applications are usually received by Canadian visa offices located in the applicants’ home countries. However,

there is also the possibility that the overseas applicant may be in Canada but proceed with the overseas application process. In fact, there are no restrictions attached to it.

What are the eligibility requirements? 

There are a few eligibility requirements, which you need to meet in order to become a permanent resident of Canada by going through the spousal sponsorship programme. They include:

First, you must be at least 18 years old.

 You must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

You must prove that you do not receive any social assistance.

 You must be able to demonstrate your ability to meet the personal needs of your spouse.

 In the event that you are from the province of Quebec, then you need to meet the requirements for the state in which it is implemented.

If you qualify for all these requirements, then you can proceed with the Spouse Visa



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