Some popular tourist cities in Algeria 2023

Some popular tourist cities in Algeria 2023

Some popular tourist cities in Algeria include Algiers, the capital and largest city, as well as Oran, Constantine, and Annaba. These cities offer a mix of history, culture, and modern amenities for visitors. Algiers, for example, is known for its beautiful architecture, including the historic Casbah, as well as its museums and parks. Oran is a coastal city with vibrant nightlife and beaches, while Constantine is known for its scenic location in the Atlas Mountains and its historic bridges. Annaba is another coastal city, and it is known for its Roman ruins and beaches.

The best hotel in Algeria

It is difficult to determine the best hotel in Algeria as it depends on individual preferences and needs. However, some hotels in Algeria that are highly rated by visitors and travel experts include:

  • Sheraton Club des Pins Resort: located in Algiers, this hotel offers luxurious accommodations and amenities, including an outdoor pool, spa, and tennis courts.
  • El Aurassi Hotel: located in Algiers, this hotel is known for its elegant, modern rooms and its excellent location near the city center.
  • Hotel Mercure Oran: located in Oran, this hotel is known for its comfortable rooms, friendly staff, and convenient location near the city center and beaches.
  • Hotel El Djazair: located in Constantine, this hotel is known for its traditional, Moorish architecture and its beautiful views of the city and surrounding mountains.

It’s worth noting that some of these hotels may have different levels of service during the pandemic and one should check the current status before booking.

It’s always a good idea to check online reviews and compare prices before booking a hotel in Algeria.

The best food in Algeria

Algerian cuisine is a mix of Berber, Mediterranean, and Arabic influences. Some popular dishes in Algeria  include:

  • Couscous: a staple dish made of steamed semolina grains, often served with vegetables and meat or fish.
  • Tagine: a traditional Berber dish made of meat or fish, vegetables, and spices, cooked in a clay pot.
  • Chakhchoukha: a traditional Berber dish made of pasta, tomatoes, and meat, often served with a spicy sauce.
  • Mechoui: a traditional dish made of roasted lamb or mutton, often served as a main course on special occasions.
  • M’chawarma: a sandwich made of grilled meat, vegetables, and sauce, similar to a kebab.
  • Harira: a traditional soup made of lentils, chickpeas, tomatoes, and spices, often served during the month of Ramadan.
  • Brik: a pastry made of phyllo dough and filled with tuna, egg, and onion.

Algeria is also known for its wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and seafood, as well as its local wine and traditional mint tea.

Algerian cuisine may vary depending on the region and some dishes may have different names or variations, so it can be a good idea to ask locals for recommendations or to try different dishes.

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