Immigration to Canada for work

What is the cost of Canadian PR?

Having noted the recent rise in application fees by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), submitting a single application will result in a run of C$2,140, ​​including C$515 in costs associated with obtaining permanent residence. An additional $1,365 CAD is required for a spouse application, as well as an additional $230 CAD for each dependent child.

Proof of funds required to obtain a public relations visa with Canada.

Candidates applying for permanent residence (PR) under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and those who already have a work visa and a job offer in Canada are exempted from submitting documents to prove their financial stability.

You must provide individual candidates with proof of money for $13,310 CAD and an additional CAD $3,586 per person if you have a spouse, dependent children or a corporation if you apply under FSWP, FSWT or any other immigration program and do not have a job offer.


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