How to send apps from your phone to TV to play it easily

  How to send apps from your phone to TV to play it easily

By not including a browser in the TV the installation of the apps be a daunting process but fortunately, there are ways to make the task easier This app called Send Files To TV is the simplest and fastest application for use we found.

File-sending alternatives to Android TV of all kinds you can use a USB or microSD card if your device supports it and a cloud-connected file explorer but they are fairly complicated methods. On the other hand, the app we tested these days seemed very simple and intuitive.

The app should be installed on both the device from which we will send files and on the receiver (Android TV) The app was searched in Google Play for Android TV under the name Send Files to TV as well as in Google Play for mobile phones.

Once downloaded select the RECEIVE option on the TV which will put the TV in reception mode.

How to send apps

We open the app on a mobile phone and choose to SEND The file explorer will show up to select the file we want to send Once selected the Android TV device connected to our network will appear We choose it and it will start to send.



send apps from your phone to TV

In this way the process is easy, you can now send all those files, apk, photos, videos, anything you want, but with extreme ease.

Application Link



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