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Freelance writers are more likely to be hired if they have written sample or test articles. If you’ve used major freelance job boards in the past, you already know this to be true. Clients present their projects and make it clear that authors who send in samples get more attention than authors who don’t. When the buyer reads the test paper, it shows the writing level of a particular writer. A sample essay is an important part of a well-written cover letter, so writers should pay attention to it.

It shows the following about freelance writers.


In general, how good they are at what they do. Writing is a very broad job and there are many different types of writing. Some companies that outsource work use freelance sites to find good writers. Here’s how: SEO article writing isn’t the only thing this person is good at. This person can also submit essays, web content, academic papers, travel articles, magazine articles, etc.


Many authors write in different ways, and the writing styles they use show how unique they are from each other. Even if you decide to take a writing class today, your instructor will give you advice on how to write in a unique way, but ultimately he or she wants you to discover it for yourself. Some freelance outsourcing companies or individuals may not like some writers to play with words in a unique way, so they may not hire them.


Online writing buyers have different needs for what the person writing for them wants. Some of them have their own dedicated product website and prefer to hire experts who can do the same thing over and over again. Others have many bloggers with content and their goal is to find one or more people who can write many different articles for them every day. If you look at a small piece of text, you can see how well the author understands one or more topics.


If you write an article on a topic, it can show you what you think outside the box. If an employer sees a lot of repetition and uses words too often to explain something, he or she will think you are just trying to fill in the blanks.


This means that any written article you write can show freelancers how well you understand grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. Many writers, myself included, fall into this category and have rejected their previous projects, so this isn’t unique to me. We can all make mistakes, even the best people at work. It takes a lot of work and dedication to improving our written English.



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