4 things to create your website and share your idea

Many people want to share their thoughts with the world, and most of them don’t know how to do it. In this article, I will share with you four steps so that you can see how to do it.

1. Your thoughts must be clear

The content you provide should be the best and unique from what you have at your disposal.

You’re better off presenting to others what you’re good at, and the content you publish will be valuable.

2. Use blogger platforms to write free content

You can share your content images, videos and articles on the blogging platform for free, which is free and secure.

َ It is also simple, any beginner can use it, this type of platform is free and it is advanced. If you use blogger, of course you will find widgets, java, html and css etc…

You should know that there are many content creators who blog and have made thousands of visits for a decent profit.

Of course bloggers accept custom domains from all registered domain names like namecheap, godaddy, webtech….

3. WordPress is the best platform

WordPress has many features and functions, and it is quick to use.

However, at some point you need to have a domain name and hosting, not everything is free like a blog.

Maybe install wordpress, vps (virtual private server), namcheap’s easy wp on shared hosting, it’s free for a month.

You can also install wordpress via winSCP or hosting services, upload files, images, audio, video, documents, text, etc…

4. The fastest way to make a website succeed is to model

Modeling is the best way to make your website successful on a large scale.

It’s worth looking for someone with a successful experience like what you’re trying to achieve.

Tell him about his experience and buy his info and he will guide and follow you step by step.

5. You can also make money with it

When your business is successful online and attracts a lot of visitors, you can make money with advertising.

Also monetize product promotions and introduce people to some services.

Earn with referrals from a company.

Thank you so much for reading our article!

Don’t forget to share if it helps.

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